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Radon Poisoning Prevention in 2 Steps

Radon Poisoning Prevention 

When you hear Radon Poisoning, you may be wondering, what in the world is radon and how is it poisonous? 

Radon gas happens to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United Sates, second only to smoking. 

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the natural decay of uranium, thorium, and radium, all of which are metals that break down into rocks, soil, and groundwater.

Radon exposure comes from breathing in contaminated air that comes through the cracks and gaps inside homes and buildings. Because radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the earth, people are always exposed to it. 

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Where Does Radon Come From?

Where does Radon Gas Come From? 

There are many people who are just hearing about Radon Gas for the first time, so naturally one of their first questions is "Where does Radon Come From?". 

Radon Gas has been a part of this earth for a very long time, coming from the decay of Uranium. It is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the uranium in the earth. You can find trace amounts of uranium in the soil all over the world.

Some areas will contain higher concentrations of Radon Gas than others, which means there are certain areas that will have a higher chance of having a radon problem as well. It can become a problem in homes, schools, and buildings anywhere. 

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Why You Shouldn't Choose A Radon Company Only Based On Price

Choosing a Radon Company 

When your home contains elevated levels of Radon Gas and you are deciding which radon company to choose to install your Mitigation System, choosing a company solely based on price could leave you scrambling for help. 

Obviously looking at the cost of the system is going to be a top priority for most people, however, if you run across a price that is substantially lower than the other quotes you received, that does not necessarily mean jump on the "deal" you think you're getting without looking a little deeper. 

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How To Make Sure Your Radon System Was Installed Properly?

Maybe you have just had a Radon Mitigation System installed, or perhaps you have had one in your home for several years, either way, the question may have come up, "how do I know if my radon mitigation system was installed properly?". 

Knowing whether or not your mitigation system was installed properly is important from a health perspective as well as financial.

You want to make sure your money went to good use, and the system that was installed is working the way it was promised, and reducing the radon concentration levels in your home. 

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Is it Safe to Buy a Home with Elevated Radon Levels? 

Buying a Home with Elevated Radon Levels  

Buying a home can be a happy but stressful time. You may finally get a seller to say yes to your offer but then you'll still need a home inspection completed before making the final decision to purchase the home. 

Most home inspections will include a radon gas test. So what if you have found the perfect home only to find out there are high concentration levels of cancer-causing gas inside? 

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The Importance of Post Mitigation Testing

Radon Post Test Mitigation refers to the radon test that is performed upon completion of a Radon Mitigation system.

If you have just had a radon removal system installed, this means your home had tested elevated for dangerous levels of radioactive gas, and you made the decisions to remove the radon from your home.

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