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Is it Safe to Buy a Home with Elevated Radon Levels? 

Feb 15, 2018 2:52:34 PM

Buying a Home with Elevated Radon Levels  

Buying a home can be a happy but stressful time. You may finally get a seller to say yes to your offer but then you'll still need a home inspection completed before making the final decision to purchase the home. 

Most home inspections will include a radon gas test. So what if you have found the perfect home only to find out there are high concentration levels of cancer-causing gas inside? 

If you installed a radon mitigation system because your home has elevated radon levels, you want to be sure it is working properly. Read our blog post: "How to Make Sure Your Radon System was Installed Properly." 

Radon Home Inspection Report

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  1. Purchasing a Home with Radon 
  2. Who Pays for the Mitigation Installation? 
  3. Choosing a Licensed Radon Company 
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You may be wondering, is it safe to buy a home with elevated radon levels

If your intention is to purchase the home with elevated radon levels and do nothing to fix the problem, than no, it is not safe to purchase the home. 

On the other hand, if you find your dream home and the only thing holding up the purchase are the radon levels, then never fear, because there is a simple solution to fix the gas problem so you can continue with the purchase of the home. 

When you find out that the home you want to purchase contains elevated radon levels, you have two options. 

  1. Purchase the home and install a radon mitigation system. 
  2. Negotiate with the sellers to have them pay to install the mitigation system before the purchase of the home is complete. 

Option number 2 is highly advised. When high concentration levels of radon are found during the home inspection, you still have the opportunity to negotiate with the sellers. This is the time for you to say that the problem needs to be dealt with before you purchase the home. 

The majority of the time, the seller will pay to have the mitigation system installed without putting up a fight. They usually understand that high concentration levels of radon pose a huge health concern, and they realize that if they do not install the system, they may not be able to sell their home to anyone. 

On the off chance that the seller decides they do not want to pay for the installation, unless you have every intention of having the installation completed sooner rather than later, purchasing the home with elevated radon levels would not be advised. 

At Radon Eliminator we would advise you to have the installation complete before moving into the home. This ensures that the breathing zones inside the home are safe for you and your family. 

When you buy a new home, it's easy to list all the things you want to do, but in reality, they don't always get done when we expected them too. Having the removal system installed up-front will be one less project on your plate when you move in. 

Choosing a Licensed Company for your Installation 

When you find out that the home you want to purchase contains elevated radon levels, it's important to hire a licensed Radon Mitigation Company to install a removal system. 

Even if the seller is paying for the installation, it's up to you to verify that the company they hired is licensed by The Ohio Department of Health. If they are not, you have every right to find a different company to install the system. After all, it's going to be your home and your families health that will be affected if the installation is not done properly or up-to-code. Radon Mitigation System

At Radon Eliminator we send a licensed crew to complete all of our radon mitigation installations and will provide proof upon request. 

We have completed hundreds of mitigations for real-estate transactions and will ensure that your installation is completed within your time frame of purchasing the home. 

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If the home you want to purchase contains elevated levels or radon gas, do not be afraid.

Hiring a Radon Mitigation Company to install a removal system is all it takes for the home to be safe. 

If you need a quote for a radon mitigation system, click the link below now. 

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