This five-letter word likely does not mean much to you. 

Regrettably, this is frequently the case. Despite its prevalence throughout the country, especially in Ohio, most people do not know the first thing about it. 

To start, we're going to reveal what radon is not. It is not something to be taken lightly. 

What is Radon? 

 Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that occurs naturally in the planet's crust. It is a result of the decay of various radioactive materials within the Earth. However, just because it is natural does not mean it isn't still perilous. Any radon exposure is dangerous, but prolonged exposure in high doses is more than dangerous: it is deadly. Over 21,000 people die every year from Radon poisoning. 

          Putting these numbers into greater perspective, radon kills more people annually than drunk drivers. It is also the number two cause of lung cancer. Literally, under smoking cigarettes, there is nothing worse for your lungs than Radon exposure. However, the scariest thing about radon is, unlike drunk driving and cigarette smoking, you may not even be aware it's killing you. 



        The problem with radon is that it is insidious, and it is very good at doing what gas does. It's very good at seeping through a home's foundation, utilizing tiny flaws and microscopic cracks. To make matters worse, it can even permeate through concrete.  

        However, it would stand to reason that since radon is so good at permeating through foundations and concrete, it should be equally exceptional at escaping from a house. It makes sense, but it is altogether wrong. 

        With homes becoming more energy-efficient and more tightly sealed up, it does not allow radon the opportunity to escape. Think of a covered pot of water boiling on the stove. With nowhere for the steam to escape, it just builds up. Only in this case, instead of a potato, it's "you" radon is boiling. 


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Now that we understand why radon demands to be taken seriously, we can begin discussing why you don't need to be afraid of it. There are solutions.  

As previously stated, radon is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. These three factors make it very difficult to identify. However, thankfully, there are technological means of detecting this faceless menace. Radon Eliminator has an entire team of highly trained specialists who come to you and your family to test your home for unhealthy gas levels.

There is a whole process behind this test. Ultimately, when done correctly, it will conclusively determine whether or not your home requires intervention to protect you and your family from radon. 

What Radon Tests Can I Do?

Testing is the only way to figure out how much radon is currently being trapped in your house. There are simple tests that can be picked up at your local hardware store, but many of these tests need to be sent to a lab to read the results.

Also, some testing procedures require up to a year's worth of time to get measurements! Waiting a year can put your health at greater risk! The newest, most accurate, and state-of-the-art radon testing is done almost instantaneously. This is the procedure we use at Radon Eliminator.

This test provides you an accurate picture of what is going on inside your house and what action steps need to be taken. It is a Life or Death Decision. Take control of your health by getting a Discounted Radon Concentration Inspection done by filling out the form above. It's better to be safe than dead.


How Much Does Radon Testing Cost?

Most Radon companies charge $200 - $300 for a Radon Test, but we were tired of seeing people not test their homes because of that cost barrier. As a result, we offer our radon testing services at a discounted price. We are doing this as a health service to your community.

The only thing we ask is that if your house does have elevated Radon levels, please give us a chance to perform the mitigation service.

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Many believe Radon Eliminator to be Ohio's #1 Radon Testing and Mitigation company. Having a vast amount of areas served across northeast Ohio, we have earned this reputation time and time again. With thousands of successful tests and mitigations performed all across the state, we intend to keep performing the same high-quality service with which we have become associated. 

Not only has Radon Eliminator been screened and approved by Home Advisor, but this prestigious organization also considers us to be a top-rated, five-star company. They have even gone as far as to view our job quality as an "Elite Service." 

We accept nothing but the best and most skilled technicians because we expect to give nothing but the best. Every specialist in our organization is equally committed to eliminating radon from your home and keeping you and your family safe and happy. 

Very friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, professional, prompt, can't say enough good stuff. I'm very happy with them.
Carol Antal
I was extremely impressed with this company starting first with the secretary who received my initial call. She was patient in answering all my questions! And Tyler(who came out to test our radon levels) was very forthright and honest in his dealings with me. I will definitely use them to regularly check our radon levels!
Che Kim
We had a radon problem in our basement , our basement has a supporting wall with an 18 inch footer in the middle of the basement so it required mitigation on both sides of the supporting wall. Our radon reading was 14 when they started and .5 when they finished.4 guys showed up on time and completed the job in two hours. Great job and a great warranty.
Andrew Eck
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Radon Will Not Wait, So Neither Should You!

Radon is a significant problem for anyone living in the state of Ohio. It has the potential to affect over 11 million people in our state alone.

At its most benign, high levels of radon can lead to sickness. At its most hazardous, it will lead to death.

However, you do not need to be one of the countless people suffering from its cruel effects.

Take back your home from radon with the exceptional quality of service, testing, and mitigation from Radon Eliminator today. 

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