Who Is Typically Affected by Radon Gas?

  • Any home can have a radon problem. Whether your home is new or old, well-sealed or drafty, with or without basements, radon can be present. The fact is you and your family are most likely to get your greatest radiation exposure at home. That is where you spend most of your time.

 How Does Radon Gas Enter a Home?

  • Radon gas naturally moves up through the ground to the air above and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. As radon gas enters your home, it becomes trapped and starts to accumulate if not properly ventilated. Especially during colder months of the year, when most people have windows closed, radon gas levels can build up to dangerous levels.

 Why should I be concerned about Radon Gas Testing?

  • Protracted exposure to low and medium doses of radon has made it the leading cause of environmental cancer mortality in the US and the second leading cause of lung cancer! What are Dangerous Levels of Radon Gas? Radon Testing is measured in PicoCuries per Liter. The World Health Organization recommends that action be taken on any home registering radon levels at or above three pCi/L. The EPA recommends that action must be taken on any home registering radon levels between 2-4pCi/L.
  • For more information read our blog post: Do I Need to Worry About Radon?

 What Radon Tests can I do?

  • Testing is the only way to figure out how much radon is currently being trapped in your house. There are simple tests that can be picked up at your local hardware store, but many of these tests need to be sent to a lab to read the results. Also, some testing procedures require up to a years worth of time to get measurements! Waiting a year can put your health at greater risk! The newest, most accurate, and state-of-the-art radon testing is done almost instantaneously. This is the procedure we use at Radon Eliminator. It provides you an accurate picture of what is going on inside your house and what action steps need to be taken. It is a Life or Death Decision. Take control of your health by getting a Discounted Radon Concentration Inspection done by filling out the form above. It's better to be safe than dead.

How Much Does Radon Testing Cost?

  • Most Radon companies charge $200 - $300 for a Radon Test, but we were tired of seeing people not test their homes because of that cost barrier.
    We are doing this as a health service to your community.
    The only thing we ask is that if your house does have elevated Radon levels, please give us a chance to perform the mitigation service.


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