Radon: Not Just For the Home Anymore 

Readers, despite never being a trending topic or a dance craze, radon has still been getting the attention it deserves in the last few years. More and more Americans are realizing the true threat of this potentially lethal gas and are getting tests and mitigations done. The word must continue to spread, and we can all do our part. (Seriously, call up your ex and tell them they need to get tested, they’ll know what it means.) This is a tremendous leap forward, but it is regrettably not enough. Yes, its great to have your homes protected from high radon levels to keep your children, pets, spouses, and long term house guests happily breathing (well maybe not the long term house guests, but for the sake of argument lets say you like your in-laws), but what about where you spend 8 hours of your day: the workplace.


As it happens, Radon doesn’t say: “I can only poison them at home.” Mainly because radon cant talk, but more relevantly because it is indiscriminate. All radon needs to wreck havoc is an enclosed building and…  well that’s it. This can be any business or organization building. The United States may separate church from state, but radon doesn’t. It doesn’t care if you’re a homeowner or an apartment renter, radon is ready to move in and you can bet it won’t be getting its security deposit back. Still wondering who stole your red stapler? It was probably radon, because it very likely could be in your office space.

Do not hesitate for fear of expense, because foregoing a system could prove to be far more costly than you might think. For instance, say your business is successful enough to supply the holy grail/sparkle-unicorn dream of providing job security to your employees, which admittedly finding a unicorn is more likely in this economic climate.  If your building has high levels of radon, it may not just be paychecks you are signing for your employees, but their death certificates as well. (Wow. That escalated quickly)




Only one thing is more cancerous for your lungs besides radon poisoning, according to various experts in the field (we would tell you who they are, but namedropping is tacky): cigarette smoking. And at least with that you feel like you’ve earned it. Radon poisoning is far less obvious than a carcinogenic cloud being blown in your face.


Not to make things seems worse than they are, but Radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, you would have no way of knowing whether or not you’ve been exposed. To emphasize our sincerity we have to put a brief hold on the humor for a moment, because the following sentence must not be mistaken for anything less than it is: You very well may be getting poisoned as you read this sentence.


It is not without hope. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. We wouldn’t bother telling you there was a problem if there was no way of fixing it, (we’ll save that sort of service for the airline industry) By having your workplace tested for high radon levels, and installing a radon mitigation system you can keep your business running and potentially profitable for years to come.


Settle down, Scrooge. Yes, this process does naturally cost something. However, Radon Eliminator cares about people, more specifically you and your people. We want to keep your radon levels low, as well as your expenses. As a result, you will be hard pressed to find a radon testing and mitigation service in your area that is more competitively priced than ours. (If the competition happens to be tetherball or tiddlywinks, we can absolutely guarantee it.)


Seriously, if you are at all concerned about your employees (we know some business owners aren’t but, come on,  you’re better than them) then make the investment in their future and also the future of your own company. Fill out the form on this page to schedule a radon test or mitigation system installation. However, if you’re still not convinced that our service is right for you, keep reading. (Legally, we must warn you that the jokes only get worse going forward.)



Can Radon Eliminator help protect your employees? You betcha! Radon Eliminator has the testing and mitigation process down to a science (unofficially called Eliminology, the study of elimination. You should know this. It’s first grade.) It starts by placing a test kit at the locations that have the highest gas potential (and we don’t mean the third-floor men’s room.) After three days, we come to collect the test to determine how high your levels are, using a proprietary method likely having to do with the elves living inside the test monitor. From there, if your levels are higher than the safety recommendation we could give an estimate for the cost of our services.


As we said earlier, what makes Radon Eliminator different than the other companies bidding for the job is that our first and foremost priority is to keep you and your employees safe, unlike those jokers at We Don't Care If You and Your Employees are Safe Radon LLC. It is not our goal to charge you an arm, a leg, and your firstborn child to install a mitigation system. As a result, we endeavor to keep our rates low and manageable for your business's needs.


Realistically, some jobs will be bigger than others, and naturally, they will require more resources, but likely less than you might think. Our services also come with a guarantee, that we will do everything in our power to ensure that your workplace is free from gaseous threats, except for the aforementioned third-floor men's room. That you’ll have to take up with Kevin in accounting.



Radon Eliminator Offers Individualized Radon Testing and Mitigation

Yet even though every business can benefit from radon testing and mitigation, not every test and mitigation is going to be the same, because not every business is the same. Some organizations design and manufacture spoons, while others provide people with affordable and comfortable living accommodations (Regrettably, these two rarely overlap).

Going forward, the following sections discuss a few examples of different businesses and how Radon Eliminator can help keep them safe, like the superhero their name makes them sound like. Rest easy tonight, citizens of northeast Ohio for your are being protected by the lean green radon fighting machine, by the master of the elimination arts, by the wild green yonder, by Radon Eliminator!




Office Buildings

Instead of water cooler gossip being the worst thing about your office, it may be the imperceptible gas that may be slowly killing you and your coworkers. If you think about it, sometimes we spend just as much time in our office buildings as we do in our homes (don’t think too hard about it because frankly it’s just a touch depressing). Yet so many offices are not protected against the dangers of Radon. One reason why building owners are hesitant to install a mitigation system is they are concerned that they will have to install a different mitigation system per office space. Like flushes in a toilet, often times one radon mitigation will do the trick (seriously Kevin, enough kombucha). You will not need to install a different system for every business or office in your building, likely only one or two systems will do the trick. So get your workers back to filing their TPS reports with Radon Eliminator.


Apartment Complexes

Very few renters stop to think about getting a radon mitigation system for their apartments. There is a good reason for that, they shouldn’t have to. It should be the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord wouldn’t allow their four-year-old nephew Timmy to play with matches next to the stack of old newspapers in the basement, (unless you happen to be the property owner of where this writer resides- looking at you, Frank) So why would you put your residents in an equal amount of lethal danger by allowing radon into their apartments? As mentioned above, not every apartment in the building is going to need its own mitigation system, one will likely do it. Keep Radon (and Timmy) away from your tenants with Radon Eliminator (Radon Eliminator does not remove Timmy’s believe me, we’ve tried.) 



Experts tell us that in essence, Condos are very similar to apartments. But like America, they come with more freedom. (Eagle scream in the background) In theory, a condo owner could be responsible for installing a radon mitigation system (see aforementioned freedom). However, having the condominium you just built further tricked out with radon mitigation systems would make closing procedures easier, the new owners happier, and your job easier in the long run, and that’s what Christmas is all about, Chuck.



Most people would call a townhome just another home. Those poor people. As a townhome property owner, you know that there are many distinct differences between a townhome and other types of accommodations. In many ways, a townhome is going to be mitigated just like any other home. If a property owner happens to own multiple townhomes next to each other, there are a few options that can be pursued to lessen the number of mitigation systems that need installing. But by and large, like each beautiful person on this little rock orbiting the sun, a townhome should be treated like the beautiful thumbprint-snowflake-butterfly wing that it is. It’s special and deserves its own mitigation system… sometimes. In all honesty, it depends on the situation.



Even though the Lord promises to take care of His children, He still works through some individuals to perform His will. It would be distasteful to say that Radon Eliminator is on a mission from God, so we will abstain, but let you make up your own mind. Many people spend a significant amount of time in their places of worship either volunteering, serving, praising, or working professionally. Your church, temple, or mosque should be a place of peace and joy, not a potential hazard. Take care of your brothers and sisters of faith, by installing a radon mitigation system.


Charity Organizations

Anymore, the world needs some more kindness and charity. In these uncertain times, anybody attempting to lighten the burden of another should be encouraged and aided if able. Whether or not you run a food pantry, clinic, homeless shelter, or any other altruistic endeavor, don’t stop with the people you are helping, but remember the helpers themselves. Radon regrettably does not care about the motives of your heart, it only wants to stop it. Allow yourself to continue doing your good work, by working with Radon Eliminator to keep your volunteers and those whom you serve safe.


Government Buildings

Really? You were REALLY expecting a joke about the government. Frankly, we don’t have to make one, they often do it themselves. In all seriousness, the government is here to protect and serve its people. They say that people are helped when they help themselves. The government should keep themselves safe and focused on helping the governed by ensuring they themselves are taken care of as well. This does not only mean the office buildings where most of our country's most critical work occurs but the institutions that our leaders protect. National park visitor centers, museums, post offices, anything with four walls that keeps the well-oiled machine of our country chugging along deserves the right to keep working. Protect Uncle Sam with Radon Eliminator.



Americans love to shop. Do you know what they don’t like to do? Drop. Don’t let them drop, let them shop… for a mop, or a cute top… I can’t stop… Anyway, malls and other large retail centers are often filled with more than just the shoppers for moppers. They are also filled with diligent employees helping them find that cute top or mop. However, because malls are so large they will likely require more mitigation systems. Generally, every two thousand feet of space will require its own test and its own mitigation system. Keep your retail space safe with the proper amount of mitigation systems. Your vendors of mops and tops will thank you as well as their potential purchasers of said mops, tops, and of course flip flops.


Nursing Homes

It needs to be said, the people in nursing homes are members of the greatest generation. They survived the Great War, The Other Great War, the Korean War, The Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Cola Wars, all the wars. They deserve a little peace and good health in their golden years. The only thoughts they should have when it comes to radon is confusing it with the RAYON based clothing they were encouraged to make during World War 2. (RAYON ELIMINATOR: Coming Soon) Not only should we be concerned about residents from the greatest generation, but the slightly less great but still pretty good Boomers as well. Even the millennials have their redeeming points, as they are likely the ones running your facility at this point. Like an apartment complex, you will not need a mitigation system for every patient room, but depending on the size of your building you may need multiple systems installed if your levels come back high. Keep all the generations safe with a radon mitigation system.


Assisted Living

So, naturally, this is very similar to a nursing home complex. However, there are noticeable differences. Assisted Living complexes may likely be divided into multiple buildings as opposed to one large block of patient rooms. This will naturally necessitate each individual building to need its own independent mitigation system. But isn’t that the whole idea of assisted living? The illusion of independence? Just like your residents are wondering why the kids never call, we are wondering why you never call. Call Radon Eliminator today?


Day Cares

Even though we attributed the title greatest generation to those who would most benefit from the previous two sections, there is one greater than all the rest. The next one. (because let’s be honest their predecessors didn’t leave much behind for them to screw up) Because their parents are busy from 9 to 5, their children likely are as well. Daycare centers house our country's most precious and renewable resource. Let's give the kiddos the best possible start by not slowly poisoning them and their caretakers, install a mitigation system today.



Preschoolers are not the only ones who deserve to breathe clean and poisonous gas-free air. The older kids might enjoy that privilege as well. In fact, it may be more critical for them to have a mitigation system installed in their schools because frankly, they are there longer. From 1st to 12th, a child will spend over 15k hours in their school. That's prime radon exposure time. Then let's not forget the next couple of years at college and throw dormitories into the mix. If you run a school, college, or university, your wards may be in danger. All that time they are preparing for their future, they may actually be robbed of some of it. Protect your pupils by reaching out to Radon Eliminator today.


Every Other Organization

Let’s be honest, even though we have gone through a great deal of time, expense, and interns writing this comprehensive list of different businesses that could benefit from a mitigation system, it is far from exhaustive. Contrary to many other businesses out there: Radon Eliminator doesn’t want anyone to die of lung cancer. Even if your business type does not appear on this list, if you care about your employees you should consider installing a mitigation system. Even if you do not care about your employees, (We don’t like it, but we appreciate your honesty)  you should probably go ahead and install one anyway, because you’ll likely have to when you sell the building. The process is simple, straightforward, and effective in eliminating radon. Give us a call today.



Elephant in the room, it’s time we addressed you. Perhaps you are wondering after we’ve taken nearly 2,500 words to talk about radon mitigation: “What exactly is radon mitigation? Why didn’t you ask earlier?  Radon mitigation is a two-dollar phrase for the process of eliminating the threat of radon in your business. Even though the scale will most assuredly be larger when dealing with commercial jobs, the process will likely be very similar to how we would mitigate a house. Eliminate your confusion about mitigation system installation. Take a closer look at that process with the well-designed info-graph below, courtesy of Graphic Eliminator.



When installing a radon mitigation system, the technicians must first locate a good suction point.

The specialist will look for easy access, whether or not the location is aesthetically pleasing, and where the best outcome for success will be to determine a quality suction point.



The technician will drill a 5" hole in the basement's sub-slab at the suction point. The mitigation system is activated by the hole.

Using a soil sample and a complete substrate material analysis, the technician must determine the size of the "communication pit."



The technician will then determine the best location for the discharge point in order to exhaust the gas from the building.

When deciding where to place the discharge point, the technician must be careful not to choose a location where the gas can re-enter.



The technicians can begin the pipe fitting process after determining the suction point. The pipe base that goes directly into the ground will need to be sealed with industrial-grade caulk and a backer rod to fill the spatial gap.



Following that, your radon mitigation technician will determine the pipe path for exiting the building. To ensure that there are no leaks in the system, the PVC piping will be joined using a chemical welding agent.



Finally, the ventilation fan and pip pathway can be installed by your Radon Eliminator mitigation specialist. They can connect the exhaust fan to the outside of the building. 

A Mitigation for Every Building

As we’ve said repeatedly, every mitigation system is different. For example, most buildings in northeast Ohio have a basement. Then again you can’t really rely on “most” anymore. Some do have a crawlspace instead. Naturally, these two systems with space under the house are going to look different from others. Their respective pathways can go in a straight line down into the earth to best vent the radon. But what would happen if a home did not have a crawlspace or a basement. What would that look like and what would it mean for the future of our world.

So as it happens, not only has this phenomenon been observed many times but the skilled strategists and specialists at Radon Eliminator have a plan for when it occurs. This event is called “slab on grade” mitigations, and despite its semi-scary name, there's not much difference between it and other types of mitigation. The biggest change is that the Radon Eliminators will have to dig down and then to the side to get an appropriate suction pit. It can be done. We have the technology.



Eventually, you knew this would come: the conclusion. All this long and likely painfully unfunny information you’ve digested can be boiled down into one sentence: "Radon Eliminator cares about you and your space." Whatever the size of your business, whether it takes huge tracks of land or it can fit in your mom's basement (Hey mom, makes great meatloaf! We wouldn’t want to leave either.) Radon Eliminator is here to give you the best long-term chances of success, by keeping you and your employees safe from radon. Eliminate your radon today by reaching out to Radon Eliminator for all your radon testing and mitigation system installation needs.  Follow the link below for more information!


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Very friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, professional, prompt, can't say enough good stuff. I'm very happy with them.
Carol Antal
I was extremely impressed with this company starting first with the secretary who received my initial call. She was patient in answering all my questions! And Tyler(who came out to test our radon levels) was very forthright and honest in his dealings with me. I will definitely use them to regularly check our radon levels!
Che Kim
We had a radon problem in our basement , our basement has a supporting wall with an 18 inch footer in the middle of the basement so it required mitigation on both sides of the supporting wall. Our radon reading was 14 when they started and .5 when they finished.4 guys showed up on time and completed the job in two hours. Great job and a great warranty.
Andrew Eck
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