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Are There Any Symptoms Of Radon Poisoning?

Apr 18, 2016 2:57:21 PM

What is Radon and Can it Poison You?

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas.Radon Gas Symptoms It is naturally created from the decay of radioactive elements, such as uranium, which are found in different amounts in soil and rock throughout the world. 

Air pressure inside a home is usually lower than the air pressure outside; this causes a vacuum effect known as pressure differentials, drawing radon in through foundation cracks and other openings. Even if there are not visible cracks in the foundation, it is possible to still have high radon levels in a home because of radon's ability to permeate through concrete.

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Are there any noticeable symptoms of radon gas poisoning? 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are no known physical signs or symptoms specific to radon poisoning. However, since radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, and first leading cause among non-smokers, it is possible to experience problems such as: 

  • Persistent Cough
  • Wheezing
  • Heavy Breathing
  • Lung Infections

The EPA states that any exposure to radon gas could carry a risk of contracting lung cancer. It is recommended that you have your home tested and removed from radon gas for they safety of you and your family. 

Radon Eliminator has a team of certified radon testing and mitigation specialists who will come to your home and test for radon gas. If your home tests at or above the EPA recommended level, we provide a free quote for radon removal. 

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Do not hesitate to call to schedule a discounted radon test or free quote. Protect yourself and your family by having radon removed from your home!

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