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The Ultimate Guide To Radon Mitigation

Sep 12, 2016 11:00:10 AM

Everything You Need To Know About Radon Mitigation 

Radon is a radioactive gas that cannot be seen or tasted.

It is naturally created from the breakdown of radioactive elements, such as uranium and thorium.Guide to Radon Mitigation

These elements can be found in different amounts in soil, rock, and water throughout the world. Radon gas gets released into the air from the soil and rock through the natural half-life decay process. 

During the decomposition process, radon can attach itself to dust and other airborne particles which can be absorbed into the lungs through respiration. 

As radon breaks down in the air, it gives off radiation that can cause damage to the DNA inside our body's cells increasing the chances of protracting lung cancer. 

Because radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, and first for non-smokers, it is critical to your health to have your home tested and mitigated of radon sooner rather than later. 

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Table of Contents 

  1. What is Radon Mitigation 
  2. What are the Benefits of a Mitigation System
  3. How does a Mitigation System Work?
  4. Does my Mitigation System tell me the Radon Levels in my Home? 
  5. How Much Does a Radon Mitigation System Cost?
  6. Why Choose Radon Eliminator 
  7. Schedule a Free Mitigation Estimate 

What is Radon Mitigation? 

Radon Mitigation is the process used to significantly minimize radon gas concentrations in the breathing zones of occupied homes or buildings.

Radon removal systems are designed to draw radon from beneath the foundation of the home to be immediately vented outside without having a chance to re-enter. 

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What are the Benefits of a Mitigation System? Need help with Radon Mitigation

The primary advantage of a radon removal system is to lower your risk of contracting lung cancer by eliminating the radon from your living space.

A secondary benefit of the mitigation system is a reduced infiltration of moist soil air with the radon, which in turn may reduce the humidity level in the basement of your home. 

How Does a Mitigation System Work? 

One of the most common radon mitigation systems is called a sub-slab depressurization system.

For this type of system, a fan will be located in an area outside of the home and used to draw air out from underneath the foundation of the home through the use of PVC piping.

The area below the slab of the home becomes negative in pressure as compared to the air above the slab. This will cause normal airflow out of the soil to reverse. 

Sealing cracks and other openings in the floors and walls is also a part of the mitigation process. By doing this, we are limiting the flow of radon into your home making the reduction system more efficient and cost-efficient. With that being said, sealing cracks without installing a removal system has not been shown to reduce radon levels, it is only beneficial when a mitigation system is also being installed. 

How do you know if a Mitigation System is Working Properly? 

After the system is in place and all other possible intrusion points, such as cracks are filled, the contractor will make sure the ventilation system is working properly by setting a system monitor gauge.

The last step is for us to test the suction power of the system by drilling a small pilot opening in a separate section of your basement; using a smoke pencil, we will make sure that smoke is being carried downward into the basement floor, this gives us a quality measurement of the suction effectiveness for pulling Radon Gas out of your home.

Does my Mitigation System Tell me The Radon Levels of my Home? 

A radon mitigation system does not show you radon levels. However, the u-tube manometer that is connected to your system is an indication of the radon levels.

It indicates the air pressure that is created by the mitigation system which lets you know if the system is working properly. 

How much does a Radon Mitigation System Cost?

The cost associated with a radon mitigation system will vary, there is not a one-size-fits-all system that will be the same price for every home.What is a Radon Mitigation System?

Some of the cost factors that play a role when determining the price of a system includes the following: 

  • Size of home
  • Crawl space or no crawl space
  • Sump Pump
  • Over or Under 2,000 square ft. 
  • Internal or external system
  • More than one suction point
  • Type of fan

Every home is different, meaning your installation may be more or less complicated depending on the particular layout of your home.

Once a licensed mitigation specialist knows the details of your home, they will be able to provide you with an accurate price quote for your installation. 

Why you should Choose Radon Eliminator for your Radon Mitigation Installation

When you make the choice to have a radon mitigation system installed in your home, there are several reasons why Radon Eliminator is the right company for you: 

  • We are a licensed company: Our radon mitigation specialists are licensed with the Ohio Department of Health and will provide their license information upon request. 
  • We guarantee our systems: This means, if for some reason the radon levels in your home do not drop lower than the EPA recommended action level, we will come back and add whatever we need to bring your levels down. We will do this at NO additional cost to you
  • We provide a post-test FREE of charge: All of our installations come with a FREE post-test upon completion of the system. This will ensure that our system is working properly and that your levels have dropped to where they need to be.
  • We are a fully insured company: Our quality insurance will cover any unforeseen damage that could potentially occur during your installation. This means if anything becomes damaged due to our installation we will fix or replace it at no cost to you. How does a Radon Mitigation System work?

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At Radon Eliminator we make radon mitigation our top priority for our customers who are living with dangerous levels of radon gas.

Radon mitigation should be at the top of your list, not something to do shortly. 

If you are unsure of the radon levels in your home, we will send a licensed professional to set up a radon test at a discounted price and guide you to see if your home is safe. 

Contact us today to schedule your Radon Mitigation, kill radon before it kills you! 

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