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Radon Mitigation System Installation Differences

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jun 27, 2018 3:10:00 PM

If your home contains elevated levels of radon gas, you will need a Radon Mitigation System installed to remove the high concentration levels in your home.

For more information on homes with high radon levels, read our blog post: "Is it Safe to Buy a Home with Elevated Radon Levels?"

There are many ways for a home to be built, which means there is more than one way to install a radon mitigation system. There are several options for installation depending on the layout of each home.

When you obtain a price quote from our licensed mitigation specialist they will explain which type of installation will be the most beneficial for your home.

Radon Eliminator offers the highest quality of service. Read more about it in our blog post: "Quality Assurance Guarantee When You Choose Radon Eliminator.

Table of Contents 

  1. Exterior Radon Mitigation System
  2. Interior Radon Mitigation System 
  3. Crawl Space Installation
  4. Passive Mitigation System 
  5. Sump Pump Installation 
  6. Schedule a Free Mitigation Estimate

Some of the options for installation include the following: 

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Where Does Radon Come From?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jun 15, 2018 2:16:26 PM

Where does Radon Gas Come From? 

There are many people who are just hearing about Radon Gas for the first time, so naturally one of their first questions is "Where does Radon Come From?". 

Radon Gas has been a part of this earth for a very long time, coming from the decay of Uranium. It is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the uranium in the earth. You can find trace amounts of uranium in the soil all over the world.

Some areas will contain higher concentrations of Radon Gas than others, which means there are certain areas that will have a higher chance of having a radon problem as well. It can become a problem in homes, schools, and buildings anywhere. 

Want to learn more about Radon and what it does to your wellbeing? Read our blog post: "How Does Radon Affect Your Health?" 

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Are There State Laws That Require Radon Testing and Mitigation?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jun 8, 2018 11:50:34 AM

Does the State Require Radon Testing or Mitigation? 

You would think since Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States that there would be some type of legislation surrounding the issue. Radon causes more than 21,000 deaths per year, which is more than drunk driving!

Unfortunately, there are no state-mandated laws regarding the testing and mitigation of radon from homes or public buildings. 

Although there are no state-mandated laws regarding radon gas, there are Radon Disclosure Laws. 

Today, we are going to dig into the Disclosure Laws, Certification Law and what they mean.

Let's dig in !

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How Long Does A Radon Mitigation System Last?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jun 4, 2018 4:13:20 PM

How Long Will my Radon Mitigation System Last? 

If you just had a Radon Mitigation System installed in your Ohio home, you may be wondering, How Long Will My Mitigation System Last? 

For those of you who may have just moved into a home with an already installed radon mitigation system, you may also be wondering the same thing. 

Or maybe you need to have a radon mitigation system installed, but you want to make sure you aren't going to need to turn around and replace the system a year from now. 

Perhaps your home was built with a radon mitigation system and you are wondering if it is still working. Read our blog post: “My new home came with a builder installed passive radon test.

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