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A Simple Guide To Radon Testing | How Does It Work And What You SHould Know

Just a little over a decade ago, very little was known about radon.

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Is There Radon In My Granite Countertops?

Natural granite's beauty lies in its vast array of colors and patterns, created from the presence of elements and minerals in the rock. 

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Are Home Radon Test Kits Accurate?

Radon is a hidden danger in the homes of hundreds of people, but they don't even realize it.

Like carbon monoxide, radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, therefore completely undetectable.

Radon occurs naturally in the soil and can be found all over the world.

In extreme cases, radon poisoning leads to death, and people don't realize they have radon poisoning until it's too late.

With something as potentially harmful as radon, people need to know if they are in danger or not.

Also, like carbon monoxide, you can buy radon detectors and testing kits for your home to see if there are elevated levels of radon present.

If you do, you have to be proactive to get the radon out of your home.

But, are the test kits accurate? Should you put the health of you and your family in the hands of an at-home kit?

We'll explore that and more in the article below.

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Your Home Has High Radon Levels...Now What?

Everyone's house is at risk.

And, in turn, everyone's health is at risk.

It's a radioactive gas that can't be seen or smelled.

It's not quite as deadly as carbon monoxide, but the health risks are still severe.

Outside of smoking, it's the leading cause of lung cancer.

I'm talking about radon.

If you've already tested and found high levels of radon in your home, it's not too late to fix it.

You'll need to act fast, however, because the longer the radon is in your home, the higher your risk of developing lung cancer.

The EPA says, "you can reduce the levels of radon in your home by 99% if you use a radon reduction system."

There are also steps you can take right now that can help prevent and minimize radon levels from getting too high in your home.

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Is Radon Testing Necessary if I Do Not Have a Basement?


Even single type of home is susceptible to radon gas regardless if there is a basement or not. 
Radon Gas Informational Graphic

If you live in a split level, ranch, 2nd floor apartment, or a 2-story home with a basement, radon is a potential threat to you. 

Why? Because radon comes up out of the ground and enters the home through its foundation, which every home has, each house is susceptible to radon gas.

It makes no difference if the building is old, new, insulated, or drafty.  All types of homes are at risk of radon whether or not they have a basement. 

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Should I Test For Radon During My Home Inspection?

Testing for Radon During a Home Inspection 

If you are in the process of purchasing a home and are wondering if you should have your home tested for radon gas during your home inspection, the answer is yes! 

The EPA recommends everyone who is looking to buy a home, have it tested before the purchase is complete.  Table

Table of Contents 

  1. Testing for radon during a home inspection 
  2. How long does radon testing take? 
  3. Ohio's Top Radon Testing Company
  4. Schedule a Discounted Radon Test 
Why is testing for radon during a home inspection so important? 

Having the house, you want to live tested for radon will

allow you to find out if you are about to purchase a potentially dangerous home. 

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A Guide to Radon Testing: A Customers Story

A Guide To Radon Testing: Told Through the Eyes of a Customer

I remember the first time I heard about radon and getting it tested.

I was just about to purchase my first home, and the Realtor told us that outside of a housing inspection we also need to have a Radon Test performed.

Naturally an inquisitive person, I asked, "Why do I need to test for Radon and what does it cost?" 

The Realtor told me that Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US and kills more people than drunk driving does!

I was shocked, considering my mother died of cancer when I was 11 months old, I decided to do a little more investigation into this matter, and that is what myself and the Radon Eliminator team would like to share with everyone. 

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Is Radon Gas Really Harmful?

Why you Should be Concerned about the Radon Concentration Levels in your Home 

Is Radon Gas Really As Dangerous and Harmful as people make it out to be?

Radon is a radioactive gas that cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. It occurs naturally through the breakdown of radioactive elements, such as uranium which can be found in soil and rock throughout the world. 

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"Why Do You Provide Discounted Residential Radon Testing?"

Why Discounted Radon Testing? 

The question "why do you provide discounted residential radon testing?" has come up several times in the past month with potential customers, so I wanted to discuss the answer with you today. 

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How To Protect Yourself From Radon Gas

Protect Yourself and Your Family 

Most people are exposed to a certain amount of radiation every day, the majority of which comes from natural sources such as Radon Gas. In this post you will learn a little bit more about Radon and how to protect yourself and your family from Radon Gas.

Radon is naturally created from the decay of radioactive elements, such as uranium, which can be found in soil and rock throughout the world. Radon gas is very prevalent in areas with large levels of granite and is released through natural half-life decay into underground water and air. 

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