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4 Most Common Forms of Radon Mitigation Systems

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jun 6, 2023 9:26:16 AM

Thankfully, lately, radon has been getting the attention it deserves, and it deserves a lot. Besides smoking, it is the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It is seemingly unavoidable because it is colorless, odorless, and virtually undetectable to the natural five senses. Radon is a naturally occurring element found prominently in states surrounding Lake Erie among others. So, to sum up: Radon is a potentially lethal gas that you cannot naturally observe, and you may have already been exposed to it. So yes, it is very fortunate it is receiving its due notoriety. Thankfully, at Radon Eliminator, we have literally gotten the testing process for high radon levels down to a science. There are very few variables when it comes to performing a successful test. However, radon mitigation is a different story. 

The story may be different, but the ending remains the same. The expert radon mitigation professionals at Radon Eliminator know how to keep best the residents of any building safe from the dangers of radon poisoning. However, unlike our testing process, multiple ways to mitigate a home exist. Continue reading this article to learn all about the four main types of Radon Mitigation utilized by the Radon Eliminator radon mitigation team. 

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What Will It Cost To Remove Radon From My Home?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Mar 1, 2023 2:49:21 PM

Radon mitigation is any method or system used to reduce the amount of radon in a building.

If your home has high radon levels, you must get them lowered ASAP.

The goal of a radon mitigation system is to lower the amount of radon in the home as much as possible.

How much a radon mitigation system will cost for your home will depend on several things.

Depending on the house, the average cost of a radon system is between $800 and $2000. Sometimes it is less, and sometimes it is more.

In the article below, we will go over radon mitigation and what it might cost to install a radon mitigation system in your house.

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Radon: The Silent Killer In Your Home

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Sep 8, 2022 10:35:27 AM

You are probably met with blank stares if you mention radon to most people.

But if you tell them that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, you've piqued their interest.

If you tell them they could be breathing in unsafe levels of radon without even knowing it - for years - you have their full attention.

Radon is a silent killer that could be lurking in your home without you ever knowing it.

If something were slowly killing your family in your home, you'd want to know all about it, right?

It's estimated to cause around 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the U.S. annually.

The scary thing is that Ohio has high radon levels throughout the state, and most of us don't even know it.

In the article below, we will discuss what you can do about this silent killer in your home.

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Should I Go To The Doctor If I've Been Exposed To Radon?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Sep 1, 2022 1:48:00 PM

There is one way to reduce your risk of lung cancer that you probably don't even know about.

Indoor radon levels can significantly increase your odds of getting lung cancer.

Testing your home for radon can help protect you and your family from a critical cause of lung cancer.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), exposure to radon in homes accounts for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

That's not even close to the 480,000 deaths a year caused by smoking, but it's still a significant amount of casualties.

And radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer in people who don't smoke.

So, if you find out you've been exposed to radon in your home over a long period of time, should you rush to see your doctor?

Take a closer look in the article below.

Radon is clearly a dangerous threat to your life in high doses. However, is it ever safe or even beneficial to your health? Find out by reading our blog post: Can Radon Be Good for You?

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Can Radon Be Good For You?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jun 17, 2022 3:38:04 PM

By now, hopefully, most people have heard about the risks of radon exposure.

But, can radon be good for you?

In Montana, there is a place where people pay to inhale and drink radon, so it can't be all bad, right?

Unfortunately, no matter what the people in Montana are doing, radon risks are very real, and you shouldn't take them lightly.

We'll dive deeper in the article below.

You are likely not one of the aforementioned tourists going to Montana for such treatments. However, does that mean radon isn't really a concern? Find out in our blog post titled: Should I Care About Radon? 

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Radon Facts Everyone Should Know

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Mar 11, 2022 4:58:17 PM

Fortunately, people are talking about it more and more, but many homeowners and homebuyers still don't know what radon is.

Radon gas can be a potential issue if found in your home.

You can't see, smell, or taste radon when it is present in your home, but behind smoking, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

The article below will discuss a few facts about radon everyone should know.

A popular question asked is if radon mitigation systems actually work. Read our blog post: Do Radon Mitigation Systems Really Work?  

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Do Radon Mitigation Systems Really Work?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Mar 1, 2022 4:12:37 PM

If you are worried your home has high radon levels, don't worry.

The first thing you need to do is have radon testing done in your home.

If the radon testing results show that you have elevated radon levels, there's no need to panic.

There are a few types of radon mitigation that can reduce your home's radon levels to a safe point.

Some techniques prevent radon from entering, and others reduce radon levels after it has entered.

But, do these techniques actually work?

In the article below, we will learn about radon mitigation and if it really works.

Perhaps you are looking to install a radon mitigation system because you are hoping to sell your home. Read our blog post: Can I Sell My Home if it Has High Radon Levels?

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Should I Care About Radon?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Dec 20, 2021 4:51:04 PM

If someone told you there was a chance that an odorless and colorless gas that could damage your lungs and give you lung cancer polluted the air in your home, you'd probably want to know more about it.

However, like most people, you probably haven't heard of this gas called radon.

And you likely haven't considered the impact it can have on you and your family.

In the article below, we will discuss the many reasons you should think about this naturally occurring gas.

Want more critical information about radon? Read our blog post: "6 Things Everyone Should Know About Radon.

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8 Frequently Asked Radon Gas Questions

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Nov 23, 2021 3:01:08 PM

There aren't enough people that have heard about radon.

And for the people who have heard about radon, not enough of them understand the implications of radon exposure.

That's why our team at Radon Eliminator has put together this FAQ.

We're hoping to answer your questions and educate the communities we serve in Ohio.

And in doing so, we hope we can protect their homes and the health of their families.

After reading these Radon FAQs, please don't hesitate to contact us if you still have questions about radon.

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3 Most Asked Questions About Radon Mitigation System Maintenance

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Nov 19, 2021 10:03:08 AM

One of the most common questions about radon mitigation we get from our clients at Radon Eliminator after they see their elevated radon levels and learn they need a radon mitigation system is if it's going to require a lot of maintenance.

Fortunately, properly installed radon mitigation systems only require occasional maintenance and can easily be added to your home's routine maintenance schedule.

In the article below, we will go over a few maintenance tips for your radon mitigation system that will be sure to keep your levels of radon low.

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