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If your home was tested for radon recently and the results came back high, you are in the right place.

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We are a local Radon Mitigation company serving Streetsboro, OH providing customized installation of radon removal systems.

We fully guarantee the work that we do and have licensing through the Ohio Department of Health.

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What Is Radon Removal and How Does it Work?

Radon Mitigation reduces Radon Gas concentration levels in the breathing zones of residential homes, schools, apartments, businesses, and other commercial buildings.

It creates a vacuum that pulls the radon gas from beneath the sub-slab of the home and deposits it safely outside of your home before it has a chance to enter.

If you need additional information, here is the ultimate guide to Radon Mitigation.

How does our Licensed Team Install a Mitigation System?

Understanding the Radon Eliminator Process and how we perform Installation the Right Way

It is easy to mitigate your Radon Gas problem.Installed External Radon Mitigation System in Streetsboro

However, it requires strategy and proper planning to get right the first time! 

During the initial testing phase, we look at several key points of Radon gas intrusion and develop a precise plan of action based upon your Streetsboro home's needs.

This testing helps us define the skeleton of how we can custom design an abatement system with the best chance of success in the long run. 

To begin the Radon Removal process, we will need to find the perfect suction
point that will allow ease of access for our team, is aesthetically pleasing, and provides the best possible outcome.

This is why you need a company with advanced knowledge of where to properly install a complete system and properly run the exhaust piping. Our team has had to redo many jobs from other "professional" installers because they either choose the wrong area to put the suction point at or ran the piping improperly.

The beginning of the installation process

When we find the proper suction point, our team will drill a 5" hole into the basement slab for the Mitigation system.Radon Mitigation system in Streetsboro, OH

Once the hole drilling is over, our EPA Licensed Radon Mitigation Contractor will determine the necessary depth of the "communication pit" based on substrate material analysis and soil sampling.

This step is vital because the correct dimensions of the contact hole will allow the ventilation fan to draw air from beneath the slab and expel Radon from the house.

If the pit does not have the right dimensions, it will not have the proper pull to direct Radon out of the home. 

Once the communication point has been dug out, our mitigation specialist will find a discharge point to exhaust the Radon safely out of your home.

It is critical to making sure the radon has been eliminated. It does not have the opportunity to re-enter your Streetsboro home due to a poorly routed Radon Mitigation System.

How does the PVC Piping get run?

Now we can begin the pipe fitting process.

We start this process by sealing the direct access tube base into the ground.

Best Streetsboro Radon Removal CompanyThis will be done using a backer rod to fill in the gap and finished with an industrial-grade caulk that does not outgas.

After the base piping is put into place, the Radon Eliminator specialist will choose the best pipe pathway for the remainder of the Mitigation System. 

Next, we will connect the PVC pipes with a chemical welding agent to stop any leaks in the piping system and join the ventilation exhaust fan along the tube path outside the home.

It is essential to make sure that the exhaust fan is installed correctly, so it has enough suction to draw the active Radon Gas from beneath your Streetsboro basement and successfully pull it out of the house. 

How long does it take to complete an installation of a mitigation system?

The majority of the radon mitigation systems can be installed in just a couple of hours, depending on the home's layout.

It also depends if you want an internal or external system installed.

Our staff is experienced with the installation process and knows how to get the job done efficiently.

If you need more details about how long it will take to put in a system, please read this article.

How Do You Know If The Radon Mitigation System Is Working Properly? 

After the piping system has been put into place and all the other possible intrusion points are sealed, the specialist will ensure the ventilation system is working properly by putting in a system monitor gauge.

Radon Mitigation Specialist performing an inspection in Streetsboro, Ohio

The next step for our team is to test the pulling power of the mitigation system by drilling a small hole in an entirely separate section in your basement.

We will use a smoke pencil to make sure that the smoke is drawn beneath the basement floor. This will give us an accurate measurement of the effectiveness of the suction pulling Radon Gas out of your Streetsboro home.

We take the final step and leave another radon test in your home to ensure the system is working properly. This is called a post-test.

After 72 hours have elapsed, we will come back to check the results and share them with you.

If you need more detailed information on how we check to make sure the system is functioning well, please look at this blog post.

How Our Streetsboro Radon Removal Team Can Help You Today!

Once your Radon Mitigation system is installed, it will run without the need for any further maintenance or upkeep!

You can breathe easier knowing your home has been freed from the dangers of radon.

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Radon Eliminator arrived on time and did an outstanding job in the time they estimated. The work and product installed was high quality and they cleaned up after the job. They also provided a post install Radon test. My Radon level dropped from 8.67 to 0.3.