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Why Radon Needs To Be Taken Seriously

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jan 26, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Most people think that they are aware of everything that could be harming them in their homes.

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Radon Is Deadlier Than What?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Jun 19, 2020 2:15:00 PM

Radon gas may be a danger to you and your family, but what is it?


Many people have heard about radon, but don't know much about it.


And there are still people who haven't even heard of radon.


Luckily, there is more and more information coming out about the dangers of radon and how to prevent them.


And there are companies like Radon Eliminator that can take you from the testing phase all the way to the mitigation phase to make sure your home is safe for all of its occupants.


In the article below, we will talk about radon and how dangerous it actually is.


Now that we understand how dangerous radon is it begs the question, how is one exposed to Radon? Read our blog post: “How Do You Get Radon Poisoning?” for more information.

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Radon Gas Really Is Dangerous...And There's Science To Prove It

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Oct 22, 2019 10:37:26 AM

As the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind only smoking, you would think that people would be worried about it.

We should be doing all we can to combat this dangerous gas, but it isn't getting the attention it deserves.

In fact, there are still many people that doubt the fact that radon gas is even dangerous.

There are even entire websites online dedicated to "disproving the myth," saying that the evidence that radon is dangerous is purely fictional.

It's just a conspiracy, according to them.

If you ask them, they will say it's just a money grab from "big radon" trying to get your money to perform useless tests.

Or, you can ask the families of the nearly 21,000 Americans who died of lung cancer last year and see what they say about radon gas.

The unfortunate truth is that radon gas can be hazardous to your health when you're exposed to it over long periods of time.

It has even been estimated that one in fifteen homes in the United States has elevated levels of radon, putting everyone inside at risk. And the worse part is that the homeowners have no idea.

That's because radon is odorless, tasteless, and invisible. It's completely undetectable to humans.

The only way to know you have elevated levels of radon is to test for it - or get a lung cancer diagnosis.

In the article below, we will go over the science proving the dangers of radon gas in hopes that it can save a few lives.

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