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Selling Your Home is Easier with Radon Testing and Mitigation

Nov 30, 2015 1:50:09 PM

Radon Testing and Mitigation for Selling Your Ohio Home

Homes with no Radon issues are more attractive to potential buyers

Radon can be a serious problem when your are trying to sell your home. Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation are quickly becoming a common issue during most real estate transactions. More and more Ohio residents are being educated about the risks associated with Radon gas. Even if the buyers do not know about radon, realtors will bring up the idea to buyers and home inspectors offer Radon Testing as an option during the home inspection process. The fact is that a home with small or reduced radon levels will be more appealing to home buyers because of the reduced health risk associated with the home.

Perform Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation as a part of preparing the home to be sold to prevent any future hangups or surprises that may occur during the home inspection process. Nobody wants to have an issue arise during a real estate transaction. Educate yourself with the correct radon information from Radon Eliminator before you place your home on the market and you will certainly be better prepared to sell your home. Radon issues do not have to stop your real estate deal. Failing to Plan is opening up the door for your Real Estate transaction to Fail.

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  1. Points to Consider when Dealing with Radon 
  2. Avoid Hiring the Least Expensive or Least Experienced

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Points to consider when dealing with Radon:

  • If your house has high radon levels, you are not alone. In Ohio, 50% or more homes test high for radon and every county has been found to have elevated levels of Radon. Any home, old or new can have high radon levels.
  • Consider testing for radon before you put your house on the market. If radon tests are above four picocuries per liter, install a radon mitigation system to reduce the radon level. You can get Radon Testing at a discounted price. Our EPA Licensed professional will perform a Radon Test so you can prepare for mitigation.
  • Radon doesn't build up over time it is continuously entering the home from the soil below it. Radon levels are reduced with permanently installed radon mitigation systems. Radon mitigation systems have been shown to reduce radon levels by 99%. Most radon systems can be installed in one day, and radon levels can be reduced within 24 hours after system installation.
  • In most cases, the buyers will not walk away from a deal after finding out elevated radon levels are present. Usually, they will negotiate with you to have a radon mitigation system installed, and reduced radon test results before closing on the property.
  • Avoid hiring the least expensive or least experienced installer because you want the radon mitigation system to reduce radon levels and not all radon contractors are the same, in fact, many people who install radon systems are not EPA licensed installers. Do your research when selecting a Radon Mitigation Contractor. Make sure that they are licensed and insured, check references and get a transferable radon reduction warranty and a potential guarantee with your radon system.

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