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How Long Does Radon Testing Take?

Apr 5, 2016 4:49:09 PM

Radon Testing 

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of thorium and uranium in soil, rock, and water. It is also the only gas under standard conditions that has radioactive isotopes and is considered a health hazard due to its radioactivity level. 
Radon Gas is brought into a home through foundation cracks and other openings. Air pressure inside a building is usually lower than the air pressure outside; this causes a vacuum effect known as pressure differentials which draws out the radon. Even if there is no visible cracks in the foundation, it is still possible to have high radon levels inside your home due to radon's ability to permeate through concrete.

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The only way to know if you have Radon Gas in your home, is to have a certified Radon Testing Specialist perform a radon test. Radon testing is not complicated, however, if done improperly you may end up with inaccurate results. 

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  1. How Long does Radon Testing Take? 
  2. How Long does it Take to get Results? 

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How Long Does Radon Testing Take? How long does Radon Testing Take?

In order to obtain an accurate radon level in your home, the test will need to be in your basement for a total of 54 hours.

During this time, it is important to maintain a closed-house condition. This means keeping all windows and doors closed, except for the normal entry and exit. Also, you will need to turn off all fans or other machines the suck air in from outside. 

How Long Will it Take to Get Results? 

After the test has been in your home for 54 hours, the licensed professional will return to pick up the equipment. At this time he will be able to tell you what your Radon Gas levels are in your home, at what point in the day they were higher or lower, and when they were at the highest. 

The EPA recommends you have your home mitigated from radon gas if your levels are above a 4.0 average. 

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