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Will Radon Give Me Headaches?

Hopefully you've heard of radon and radon poisoning by now, but many people haven't.

If you haven't heard of radon yet, it's a radioactive gas that can be extremely dangerous in high quantities.

Radon is a naturally occurring element that develops from the radioactive decay of radium.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classes radon as a carcinogen, meaning that radon poisoning can lead to cancer.

Radon is actually the leading cause of lung cancer, right behind smoking, claiming nearly 21,000 lives a year.

A question we get a lot here at Radon Eliminator is, "what are the symptoms of radon exposure?"

People want to know if the pain they're experiencing is due to elevated levels of radon.

And, more specifically, they want to know if they get their headaches because of radon exposure.

In the article below, we'll talk about radon poisoning, and find out if you can blame your headaches on radon exposure.

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Does Radon Cause Headaches?

Does Radon Cause Headaches? 

This potentially deadly force is all around us, although few are truly aware of its presence or the dangers that it may possess. With the right knowledge, you can protect yourself from this hidden hazard by equipping yourself with the tools to better understand this element and it's potential dangerous effects that it can have on your body. 

Topics: radon symptoms