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Can You Reduce Radon By Opening Windows?

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Aug 15, 2019 4:43:10 PM

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that comes from decaying uranium.

Radon is present in nearly all soils, and very low levels of radon gas are found in the air we breathe every day.  

Problems arise when radon gas enters your home and gets trapped.

If you're exposed to radon over long periods of time, you may develop lung cancer. Radon poisoning is the second leading cause of lung cancer, right behind cigarettes.

Radon gas begins in the soil, and enters your home through cracks in your walls or foundation. Any house, of any age, in any state can have elevated radon levels.

The amount of radon gas that gets into your home depends on how much radon is present in the soil surrounding your house, and how your house interacts with the soil.

Your neighbors home could be completely safe, while you're radon levels could prove to be dangerous. That's why it is important to know you;re levels, and not just assume you're safe.

So, how do we get rid of radon? If elevated levels are due to the gas being trapped inside, is opening the windows enough to make your house safe?

We'll look at that and more below.

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Radon And Your Basement Gym

By Radon Eliminator Staff on Aug 10, 2019 3:03:00 PM

More and more people are becoming health conscious these days.

People are watching what they eat and exercising on a regular basis.

They don't just want to live longer; they want to live healthier.

But not everyone has the time or the ability to join a gym. Getting ready and the commute itself takes up enough time as it is.

Then you have to hope that no one is using the machines you need, and there's always that awkward guy grunting in the mirror you have to deal with.

That's why more and more people are turning their basements into a home gym.

With just a few pieces of equipment, you can replicate just about anything in your basement that you can do in a gym, without the hassle or the membership fee.

But are there any side effects to working out in your basement?

One of them that you'd likely never know about is working out in elevated levels of radon.

Your basement is prone to higher levels of radon, so you have to wonder how many people are unknowingly exposing themselves to cancer-causing gas.

Concerned your basement may have high levels of radon? Learn what you can do with this blog post: "Protect Your Home With These Radon Detectors." 

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