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Why You Should Get Radon Testing Performed At Your Child's School in Ohio.

Nov 17, 2015 2:26:51 PM

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Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that is naturally created from decay of radioactive elements such as, uranium. Through the decay, radon gas is released into the air, underground water and surface water.

Radon Gas attaches itself to dust and other airborne particles that we ingest through our lungs.Table of Contents 

  1. Reason's to Have your Child's School Tested for Radon 
  2. Radon Testing in Schools

Continued exposure to a high Radon level causes these radioactive cells to replicate in a process called mutagenesis, this process deeply affects the overall cellular activity within lung tissue and causes an observable increase in the chance of contracting lung cancer.  

Radon testing in your home is vital for your health and the health of your family. Unfortunately, even if your home is Radon free, your children may still be exposed during the long hours spent at school.

Learn more about this in our blog post: "Top 5 Reasons You Should Test Your House for Radon.

Just like every home, every school may vary when it comes to radon exposure.

Certain schools are located in areas with a higher probability for radon. No matter the circumstances, any school may have elevated levels of radon.

Here are a few reasons you should fight to have your child's school tested for Radon Gas

  • 1. School buildings tend to have very complex foundations with multiple crawlspaces, basements, and concrete slabs. Every foundation area may contain different radon entry behaviors. 
  • 2. Schools usually contain complex HVAC systems which may change the entry behavior of radon from room to room. The systems can also alter radon levels when schools are remodeled. Screenings for radon can help find any potential problems with these complex HVAC systems. 
  • 3. Since schools are usually pretty large, they can have extreme Radon level swings from one room to the next. Testing only one room would not be a good indicator of how high radon levels are throughout the school. View from Outside of a School Building

Radon Testing in schools should become a priority for the safety of the students and faculty.

Both the students and faculty spend a great deal of time inside the building breathing in the air all day.

Parents, faculty and students should all urge their school districts to have their School Tested for Radon. Radon Eliminator provides cost effective options to protect your children while they learn.

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If you are concerned about your child's health, encourage the testing of your school and schedule a free Radon School Test immediately by clicking the link below. 

  School Testing

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