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How Does Radon Enter A Home?

May 6, 2016 8:30:04 AM

How Does Radon Enter A Home?Radon Entry in Ohio Homes

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the decay of uranium in soil, rock, and water. Radon has the ability to enter into a home because the air pressure inside the home is lower than the pressure in the soil around the home's foundation. This acts like a vacuum that draws the radon into the home, trapping it inside where it can build up to dangerous levels. 

Any home may have radon gas problems, whether they are old, new, well sealed, drafty, homes with basements, or home without. No home is safe from this radioactive gas. 

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  1. Common Ways Radon Enters a Home
  2. Schedule a Discounted Radon Test 

Some common ways radon enters a home include: How Does Radon Enter a Home?

  • Cracks in the concrete 
  • Well water
  • Exposed soil such as a sump or crawl space
  • Cracks in concrete blocks or pores
  • Loose fitting pipe
  • Mortar joints
  • Floor-wall joints
  • Building materials

A large percentage of Ohio homes have high exposure levels to radon because of how they are built and how much time we spend indoors in our climate. As stated above, any home has the potential to contain dangerous levels of radon gas. 

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Radon is odorless, sightless, and colorless which means the only way to know for certain if your home is contaminated is by having a licensed professional test your home. 

Radon Eliminator offers Discounted residential radon testing. We will send one of our certified radon specialists to your home to set up a test in order to determine the radon levels in your home. 

If Radon has entered your home we have state of the art equipment to detect how much and the tools needed to remove any dangerous levels. Protect yourself and your family by having a radon test done today. Click on the link to schedule a your Radon test today!

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