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Where Is The Best Place in My House For a Radon Test?

Oct 10, 2016 8:20:51 AM

Correct Placement For Radon Testing 

When conducting a Radon Test in your home, whether it is a test kit or done by a certified radon testing specialist, there are some ground rules to follow regarding the correct placement of the radon testing device. 

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  2. Important Tips to Follow
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Low-Lying Places 

When deciding which room to place the radon testing unit, it is advised to use the lowest level of the house. Radon enters a home through cracks or openings that are made for sewage connections, venting pipes or in the foundation of the home. Where to place a radon test kit for accurate measurements?

A radon testing device will be most useful when it is placed roughly 3-5 feet above the floor of the lowest level of the home. The raised placement of the testing unit will be within the breathing zone which resolves any fear of the gas being undetected. 

Some people believe that radon is a byproduct of the building process. Read our blog post: "Does Radon Come From Building Materials?

Important Tips to Follow 

When placing a radon test, here are some important tips to follow: 

  • Keep the test away from potential drafts that are caused by air conditioning vents, fans, doors, ventilating vents
  • Place test where it will not be touched or covered
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from sources of humidity, such as sinks, showers, or aquariums 
  • Basements greater than 2,000 sq. Ft. require more than one testing unit
  • Just because your neighbor has low levels of radon does not mean your home will 

When a certified radon testing specialist comes to your home and sets up a radon testing device, he will be sure to comply with the tips mentioned above. If you purchased a radon testing kit, then this is important information to keep in mind if you want your test results to be accurate. Where is the best place to put a Radon Test?

We know this is a lot to remember, which is why Radon Eliminator offers discounted radon testing done by a certified licensed professional for residential homeowners. If your home has never been tested and you are concerned about your health, let us put your mind at ease. 

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