Radon Testing in Mogadore, Ohio

Do you know if your home in Mogadore has a safe level of radon gas?

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Discounted Radon Testing 

Getting your Mogadore home tested for Radon can drastically reduce your chances of getting Lung Cancer.

How does Radon work?

In the quaint town of Mogadore, it looks pretty and safe, but radon poses a threat to all of the residents. It is a radioactive gas that creeps into homes without a trace. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless so no one person would know if it was there without a proper radon test. 

High radon levels are no laughing matter. The state of Ohio is one of the most know states to have high radon levels. If a person is exposed to this harmful gas for a duration of your life it can lead to lung cancer. 

Where does the Radon come from? 

Radon is naturally created from the breakdown of uranium in rock, soil, and water. 

The radioactive gas seeps into your home through any crack or opening it can find. The outside air pressure is usually higher than the air inside your home so your home works like a vacuum sucking in the radon. 

Even if you don't notice a crack it has the ability to work permeate through the concrete.

What is it like to have a professional test done?

Our professional team members will come and evaluate your basement.

There are 7 potential intrusion points; pipes, foundation cracks, construction joints, cracks in walls, gaps in suspended floors, cavities inside walls, and sump pumps or water supplies. These are the areas are where radon gas could be entering your home. 

Once that part has been investigated a Radon Eliminator team member will set up a state-of-the-art testing device that will help determine if your home suffers from too high radon levels.

The test will be left in your home for several days and one of our crew members will be back to pick it up. 

A certified crew member will provide you with a detailed report once the testing results are confirmed. 

How is Radon gas measured?

The EPA recommends you taking action on eliminating the radon in your home if your levels are between 2-4pCi/L and above. 

What type of measurement is pCi/L? It stands for PicoCuties per Liter. This is the type of measurement they use when checking radon levels. The World Health Organization believes you should take action on any home testing at a  2.7 pCi/L level or above. 

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If your home has tested at these dangerous levels mentioned contact us to get a radon meditation crew to your home today!

We will gladly eliminate the radon from your home.

Invest in your family's health by scheduling your Mogadore Home for a Discounted Radon Test with our Top Radon Testing Company! 

Discounted Radon Testing

Radon Testing in Mogadore, OH

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Discounted Radon Testing

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