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What Is Radon Mitigation?

Radon Mitigation is the process that removes high concentration levels of radon gas from the inside of a home or building. 

These systems create a safe breathing zone in your home. 

What Process Does Radon Eliminator Use to Mitigate Radon? 

Installation Performed the Right Way

When you need a radon mitigation system installed in your Amherst home, you will need to contact a licensed contractor to complete the installation. 

You will want to make sure your system is installed correctly and is up-to-code. 

1. The first step to the radon removal process is finding a quality suction point that will allow easy access, is aesthetically pleasing and provides the best possible outcome for success. 

2. Once located, the installation crew will drill a 5" hole in the sub-slab of the basement to deploy the system. 

After drilling the hole, the specialist will decide how large the "communication pit" needs to be. They will base this decision on a soil sample and substrate material analysis. 

This step is crucial because the pit's dimensions will create the vehicle that pulls air from beneath the sub-slab of the basement and will guide the radon out of the house. 

If the pit is too small, there will not be enough suction to draw the gas out of the home. 

3. Next, the contractor will decide the best location for the discharge point to exhaust the gas outside of the home. 

This step is pivotal for ensuring that the radon is removed from the home and cannot re-enter. 

4. When the discharge point has been identified and drilled out, the next step is the pipe fitting process. This process begins by sealing the pipe base that goes directly into the ground. Sealing is done by using a backer rod to fill the spatial gap. Finally, it is finished with industrial-grade caulk. 

5. Once the initial piping is set, the technician will need to choose the best pathway for the piping. Then, the technician will connect the PVC piping with a chemical welding agent to ensure no leaks in the piping system. 

6. Lastly, the ventilation and the pipe pathway will be installed. Your Radon Eliminator mitigation can specialist can connect the exhaust fan outside the home or, potentially, in the garage attic. The fan is what is used to suck the air from underneath the basement floor. The air will flow up through the piping system and lead outside of the home.

How Will You Know If The Mitigation Was a Success?

When the installation is completed, and all of the cracks and intrusion points have been filled, the technician will leave a radon testing monitor in the basement for 48 hours to reduce the radon levels. 

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When the specialist returns to collect the equipment, you will be given a copy of the final test results.

If for some reason, your radon levels have not been reduced below the EPA recommended action level, our team will do whatever needs to be done to reduce your radon levels at no additional cost to you. 

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If you need a Radon Mitigation System installed, it's crucial to hire a licensed radon mitigation contractor to ensure your system is installed correctly and up to code. 

If you need details about how long it takes to install the system, you can click here.

If your home contains elevated levels of radon gas, do not wait to call a removal company. 

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and it kills more people per year than drunk drivers. 

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