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Parral Radon Mitigation

Jul 13, 2022 12:00:00 AM


Parral, Ohio Contains Very High Levels Of Radon Gas. Protect Yourself By Having a Radon Mitigation System Installed The Right Way!


What Is Radon Mitigation?

Radon Mitigation or Radon Remediation is the process used to reduce Radon Gas concentrations in the breathing zones of occupied buildings in Parral, Ohio.

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Which Radon Mitigation Process Is Used By Radon Eliminator?

Installation The Right Way

It is easy to remove your Radon gas problem, but it will definitely require some work.

During the initial testing phase, we look at seven key points of Radon gas intrusion and from there we develop a plan of action based upon the particular needs of your Parral home in order to handle the problem the right way. 

The first part of the Radon Removal process is to search for a quality suction point that will allow ease of access, is aesthetically pleasing and will provide the best possible outcome for success.

Once we have the proper suction point, our team will begin drilling a 5" hole into the basement slab for the deployment of the Mitigation system.

After the hole is dug, our contractor will decide how large the "communication pit" needs to be based on a soil sample and substrate material analysis.

This is a critical step because the correct dimensions of the communication pit creates the proper pathway to draw air from beneath the slab that directs Radon out of the house.

If the pit is too small, it will not have enough suction to draw out the Radon. 

After the pit has been dug, the contractor will begin analyzing a proper discharge point to exhaust the Radon Gas outside the home.


This part is essential to make sure that the radon being removed does not have the opportunity to re-enter the home due to a poorly routed Mitigation System.

After the proper discharge point has been identified and drilled out, we can begin the pipe fitting process.

The pipe fitting process begins with sealing the pipe base that goes directly into the ground, this will be done using a backer rod to fill in the gap and finished with an industrial-grade caulk that does not outgas.

After the initial piping is set, the contractor will choose the right pipe pathway, then, the Radon Eliminator team will connect the PVC pipes with a chemical welding agent to be sure there are no leaks in the piping system.

 Then the installation of the ventilation fan along the pipe pathway will be put in.

Installing the exhaust fan in the proper location is important to make sure it has enough suction to pull the radioactive Radon Gas from beneath your basement floor all the way out of your home.


How Do You Know Radon Mitigation Process Worked? 

After the piping has been placed and all the other cracks and intrusion points have been filled, the contractor will install a system that will monitor and gauge the ventilation system to make sure it is working properly.

The final step for our Radon Mitigation Team is to test the pull of the system.  This test is done to ensure that the system is working properly and pulling Radon gas out of your home.

After the Radon Mitigation system is installed, it will run on its own without any real maintenance or upkeep!

It will feel good to know your Parral home is safe from radioactive Radon Gas.

Let the Radon Abatement Professionals Safely Mitigate your home in Parral today!

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