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Do you know if your Fairlawn home has severe radon gas accumulation?

Get a Professional Radon Test to find out. 

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Fairlawn, Ohio, has one of the highest levels of Radon gas in Summit County. Getting your home tested for Radon is vital.

What effect does radon have?

Ignorance is not bliss when dealing with radon gas problems. The more you know, the quicker you can respond.

Unfortunately, many people don't know about the potential dangers of Radon because the gas is colorless, odorless and the education is greatly lacking. 

In fact, the Buckeye State contains one of the highest radon gas concentration levels in the US, and radioactive radon gas poses one of the greatest home health risks to residents. 

How does radon get into your Fairlawn home?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water.

The Air pressure inside your home is usually lower than the air pressure outside; this causes a vacuum effect known as pressure differentials, drawing radon in through foundation cracks and other openings. 

Even if you don’t have visible cracks in your foundation, it is important to get your home tested. You can still have high radon levels because of its ability to permeate concrete.  

What does testing look like?

Radon testing is simple and effective! A Radon Eliminator contractor will visit your home and investigate the 7 possible intrusion points throughout your basement.

These 7 intrusion points can come in the forms of foundation cracks, construction joints, cracks in walls, gaps in suspended floors, gaps around service pipes, cavities inside walls, and sump pumps or water supplies.

Once these points are identified, the contractor will deploy a special device to test for the impact of radon on all floors in your home. Once samples are taken and quantified, the contractor will provide a report of their findings.

What do you look for from the test?

Radon is measured in PicoCuries per Liter. The World Health Organization recommends that action be taken on any home registering radon levels at or above three pCi/L.

The EPA recommends that action must be taken on any home registering radon levels between 2-4pCi/L and above.

Once your test is complete, the Radon Eliminator contractor will go over the report of the findings with you.

Where to go from here?

Professionally done Radon Testing by Radon Eliminator has a major impact on indoor air quality and the dangers of Cancer throughout the Fairlawn area.

Make sure you and your family are safe from this dangerous radioactive gas. Schedule your Discounted Radon Test today with the Top Radon Testing Company in Fairlawn, Ohio. 

Discounted Radon Testing 

Radon Testing Levels Fairlawn Ohio

Get a Discounted Radon Test in Fairlawn Today. This Map shows the danger levels of Radon Gas in Fairlawn according to the EPA. Check out EPA.Gov/Radon to learn more.

Discounted Radon Testing

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