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 Radon Gas Removal Company in  Wooster, Ohio 

Does your Wooster, OH home have elevated levels of Radon Gas? 

If your home has high radon levels, you will need to contact a licensed professional to install a Radon Mitigation system. 

Radon Mitigation systems are designed to reduce high concentration levels of radon gas from inside the living spaces of homes and buildings. 

What is the Radon Removal Process? 

Installation Performed the Right Way

Not just anyone should install radon mitigation systems. It is important to have them installed by a licensed specialist. 

Some specific rules and regulations need following to ensure that the system is installed properly and up-to-code.  

The team at Radon Eliminator is licensed with The Ohio Department of Health and will complete the installation by doing the following: 

1. The mitigation process begins by locating a suction point that is easy to access and has the best outcome for the system's success. 

2. Once the suction point is located, the technician will drill a 5" hole into the sub-slab of the basement. Your Radon Eliminator mitigation specialist will use this hole for the deployment of the system.

The dimensions of the hole need to be correct, or the system may not have enough strength to remove the gas from the house. 

3. The specialist will then locate the discharge point of the system. The discharge point is where the gas is exhausted.

Your Radon Eliminator mitigation technician must choose the right location so the gas does not have a chance to re-enter the home once it has been eliminated. 

4. Once the discharge point is found, the contractor can begin the pipe fitting process.

This process includes sealing the pipe base that goes directly into the ground using a backer rod to fill the spatial gap and finish with industrial-grade caulk. 

5. After the piping is in place, your mitigation specialist will determine the pipe pathway. 

Your mitigation specialist will use a chemical welding agent to connect the PVC piping, and the technician will make sure there are no leaks in the piping system. 

6. The last step of the installation process is for the ventilation fan to be placed along with the pipe pathway. Your mitigation technician can connect the exhaust fan to the outside of the home or, in some cases, inside the garage attic. 

The ventilation fan is the only electrical component and is used to pull the radon from beneath the home, up through the pipe pathway, and out into the atmosphere, making your home safe and the air breathable. 

How Will You Know If The Mitigation Was a Success?

Once the installation is complete, the technician will leave a radon continuous monitoring unit in the home's basement to collect data for 72 hours. 

When they return, they will tell you if the system installation has worked and what the new radon levels are. 

If, for some reason, the levels have not dropped below the EPA recommended action level, the Radon Eliminator team will return and do whatever needs to be done until the levels have been reduced. 


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If you need a Radon Mitigation System installed in your Wooster, Ohio home, you will need to contact a licensed professional as soon as possible. 

Do not put off having a removal system installed to eliminate the cancer-causing gas in your home. Residential radon mitigation protects you and your family from suffering adverse effects due to overexposure to dangerous levels of radon gas in Wooster, Ohio.

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Wooster Radon Mitigation Installation 

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Steve Wainkroot

I do want to thank Cedric and install guys for making the whole experience of installing radon system “painless”. Extremely professional, very customer service oriented and it felt like they really care. I know all companies are saying the same thing, but saying and doing are two completely different things….. this company DOES it. Many companies can install radon systems, it’s when things do not go smooth that’s when you find out what type of company you are dealing with. 9 out 10 house, simple install and you move on. My house was 1 out 10 that did not go the right way. From the first phone contact with Cedric it was a great experience. Cedric was able to provide a quote, schedule an appointment and confirm everything in one call. I have been looking for a radon company, and it felt like I had to beg other companies to take my money for the service. Nothing like this with Cedric. He kept in contact before the appointment and answered all of my questions. His guys called me before coming out and arrived at the scheduled time. Service was very professional, efficient and the job was done quickly. After the install and 3 days of testing, we found out that the radon levels actually increased. Cedric was extremely professional and he assured me that the company will do whatever was necessary to get radon level to a minimum at no extra cost. I was very impressed with his confidence and professionalism, and most importantly, his commitment to stand behind his service. My calls did not go to voicemail, my emails were not ignored....I was in constant contact with Cedric, my follow-up appointment was scheduled very quickly, and once again, guys came out on time. They were able to do an amazingly clean job in the basement, I could not even find additional pipes. So after installing a lot more pipes that are hidden extremely well (thank you for that!), my radon levels went down to below 1. Thank you for the great service and thank you for the professionalism. Highly recommend to anyone who already called other companies and is not getting anywhere.