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Are there dangerous levels of Radon Gas inside your Willoughby, OH home? 

If your home contains high radon levels, you will need to contact a licensed professional to install a removal system

Radon Mitigation Systems reduce the concentration levels of cancer-causing gas from homes and buildings. 

How do you install a Radon Mitigation System? 

Installation Performed the Right Way

It's essential to hire a licensed company when you need a radon mitigation system installed. 

Some regulations need to be followed during the installation process to ensure the proper installation of a system. 

The Radon Eliminator Team is licensed with The Ohio Department of Health and will be sure to follow all of the guidelines when installing your system. 

The crew will complete the installation process as follows: 

1. The installation process begins by finding a quality suction point that is easy to access and offers the best outcome for the system's success. 

2. When the suction point has been located, the technician will drill a 5" hole into the sub-slab of the basement. Your Radon Eliminator mitigation specialist will use the hole for the deployment of the mitigation system.

The dimensions of the hole must be correct, or there will not be enough suction to eliminate the gas from the house. 

3. Next, the location of the discharge point will need to be found. The discharge point is where the gas will be exhausted.

The correct location needs to be chosen so the gas does not have a chance to re-enter the home once it is eliminated. 

4. When the discharge point has been found, the contractor can begin the pipe fitting process. This process includes sealing the pipe base that goes directly into the ground. 

The pipes are sealed using a backer rod to fill the spatial gap and finished with industrial-grade caulk. 

5. When the piping is set, the technician will need to choose the pipe pathway.

This is also when they will use a chemical welding agent to connect the PVC piping. Making sure that there are no leaks in the piping system is essential. 

6. The final step to the installation process is to place the ventilation fan along the pipe pathway. The exhaust fan can be connected to the outside of the home, or potentially, in the garage attic. 

The ventilation fan is the only electrical component, and it is used to pull the radon from beneath the home, up through the pipe pathway, and out into the atmosphere.  

How Will You Know If The Mitigation Was a Success?

Once the installation process is completed, the technician will leave a continuous radon monitor in the home's basement to collect data for 72 hours. 

When the specialist returns to gather the equipment, they will tell you the concentration levels of radon gas. 

If, for some reason, the levels have not been reduced below the EPA recommended action level, the team will return and do whatever needs to be done at no additional cost to you. 

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It's important to have a Radon Mitigation system installed if your home contains elevated levels of radon gas. 

You do not want to live with this cancer-causing gas any longer than necessary. 

The team at Radon Eliminator can schedule a next-day installation. 

We also provide free estimates for removal over the phone. This saves you from having to take additional time off work. 

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Radon Gas Removal in Willoughby, Ohio 

If there are elevated levels of Radon Gas in your Willoughby, OH home, contact our Licensed Radon Mitigation Company for a Free Removal Estimate today. 

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Dan Molnar

Awesome experience to a bad situation (high levels of radon discovered on inspection). We (buyers) worked with Radon Eliminator and they worked with the seller and agent. John (our radon technician) was very professional and walked us through the entire process. Help decide on location of the system so it will work as normal but be aesthetically pleasing (tucked away in the corner away from view of the street or patio). They paid attention to the details like caulking surfaces, cleaned up job site, etc. All took less than a half day. Could not be more happy with them!