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Parma has some of the highest Radon Gas concentration levels in Ohio. Protect yourself and your family by having your home mitigated the right way

What Is Radon Mitigation?

Radon Mitigation reduces Radon Gas concentration levels in the breathing zones of occupied homes and buildings.

What Mitigation Process Does Radon Eliminator Use? 

The Radon Eliminator Process; Installation Done the Right Way

It is easy to mitigate your Radon Gas problem. However, it requires proper planning and work to get it done right the first time.

During the initial testing phase, we look at several key points of Radon gas intrusion and develop a concise plan based upon your Parma home needs to correct the underlying problem. 

To begin the Radon Removal process, we will need to find a qualityRadon Mitigation and Radon Removal Contractor in Parma Ohio suction point that will allow ease of access, is aesthetically pleasing, and provides the best possible outcome for success.

When we find the appropriate suction point, our team will drill a 5" hole into the basement slab for the Mitigation system.

Once the hole is drilled, our EPA Licensed Radon Mitigation Contractor will determine the necessary depth for the "communication pit" based on substrate material analysis and soil sampling.

This step is vital because the correct dimensions of the communication pit will allow the ventilation fan to draw air from beneath the slab and expel Radon from the house.

If the pit does not have the correct dimensions, it will not have the proper pull to direct Radon out of the home. 

Once the communication pit has been dug, the specialist will find a discharge point to exhaust the Radon safely out of your Parma home.

It is essential to make sure the radon has been eliminated and does not have the opportunity to re-enter your home due to a poorly routed Radon Mitigation System.

Now we can begin the pipe fitting process. We start this process by sealing the direct access pipe base into the ground.

This will be done using a backer rod to fill in the gap and finish with an industrial-grade caulk that does not outgas.

After the base piping is put into place, the Radon Eliminator specialist will choose the best pipe pathway for the mitigation system. 

Next, we will connect the PVC pipes with a chemical welding agent to stop any potential leaks in the piping system and connect the ventilation exhaust fan along the pipe path.

It is essential to ensure that the exhaust fan is installed correctly, so it has enough suction to draw the active Radon Gas from beneath your Parma basement home. 

How Do You Know The Radon Mitigation System Is Working Correctly? 

After the piping system has been put into place and all the other possible intrusion points are sealed, the specialist will ensure the ventilation system is working properly by putting in a system monitor gauge.

The final step is to run a post-test to ensure that the system runs properly and pulls the Radon out of your home.

Once the Radon Mitigation system is installed, it will run without further maintenance or upkeep! You can breathe easier knowing your Parma home has been purged from dangerous Radon Gas levels. 

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