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 Radon Mitigation in Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

If you live in Cleveland Heights, OH, and your home contains elevated levels of radon gas, our team of professionals can install a mitigation system to remove this dangerous gas. 

Radon mitigation systems remove high concentration levels of this radioactive gas from the living spaces inside homes and buildings. 

What is the Process for Installing a Mitigation System?

Installation Performed the Right Way

If your Cleveland Heights, OH home needs a mitigation system installed, you must hire a licensed professional. 

Hiring a professional will ensure your system is up-to-code and that the gas does not have a chance at re-entry once the system is complete.  

1. The installation process begins when the technician finds a quality suction point for the system to allow easy access, is aesthetically pleasing, and offers the best possible outcome for the system's success.

2. The technician will then begin to drill a 5" hole in the sub-slab of the basement to deploy the mitigation system. 

When the hole has been dug out, the specialist will need to decide how large the "communication pit" needs to be. This step is essential to get right.

If the pit dimensions are incorrect, there may not be enough suction to draw the gas from beneath the sub-slab of the home and out into the atmosphere. 

3. When the communication pit is dug, the specialist will decide the best location for the discharge point. The discharge point is where the radon gas will be exhausted from the house.

The location that is chosen mustn't give the gas a chance to re-enter the home. 

4. When the discharge point is identified, the contractor will begin the pipe fitting process. This process is begun by sealing the pipe base that goes directly into the ground. 

The technician uses a backer rod to fill the spatial gap and finish with an industrial-grade caulk. 

5. When the piping is placed, the technician will then need to choose the pipe pathway.

This is also when they use a chemical welding agent to connect the PVC piping and ensure no leaks in the piping system. 

6. The last step is for the ventilation fan to be placed along the pipe pathway. Your Radon Eliminator Mitigation Specialist can install your exhaust fan outside the home or, in some cases, in the garage attic. 

The ventilation fan is used to pull the radon from beneath the home's foundation, up through the pipe pathway, and out into the atmosphere.  

How Will You Know If The Mitigation Was a Success?

When the installation is complete, the technician will leave a radon continuous monitoring test in the home's basement for 72 hours, collecting data. 

Post-Mitigation Radon Testing in Cleveland Heights, OH

This test will show whether or not the system successfully removes the high concentration levels of the gas from home. 

If the levels have not dropped below the EPA recommended 4.0, the Team at Radon Eliminator will return and do whatever they need to bring the levels down. They will do this at no additional cost to you. 

That is the Radon Eliminator Guarantee!  

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If your Cleveland Heights, OH home has elevated radon levels, you will need to contact a licensed professional to install a mitigation system to remove the hazardous gas from your home. 

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and it kills more people per year than drunk drivers. 

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John B.

Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and neat. I intended to install a system myself, but could not find any definite info online as to specifications, including best collection point, fan size, and length of pipe above roof line. Their price was twice what the parts would have cost me, but it was well worth it for their expertise. It took their 3 man crew 2 hours to do what would have taken me over 2 days to do. Preliminary results from my digital meter show my short term average radon level went from a peak of 7.2 down to .65. Very good job!