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Radon Mitigation

If you had a Radon Test in your Avon, OH home and found out you need a Radon Mitigation system to remove the elevated levels of this dangerous gas, you will need to contact a Licensed Radon Mitigation Company. 

Radon Eliminator is Licensed with The Ohio Department of Health and has the necessary training to install a mitigation system in your Avon, OH home. 

Radon Mitigation Systems reduce the concentration levels of radon gas inside the living space of homes and buildings. 

What is the Radon Mitigation Installation Process? 

Installation Performed the Right Way

When you need a radon removal system installed, it's crucial to hire a licensed mitigation company to complete the installation for you. 

There are specific regulations that need to be followed to ensure that installation is done correctly. 

1. The team will first need to identify a quality suction point that is easily accessible and has the best outcome for the system's success.

2. After the location of the suction point has been decided; the crew will drill a 5" hole into the sub-slab of the basement for the deployment of the system. 

The dimensions of the suction pit need to be correct, or there may not be enough pull to remove the gas from the house. 

3. Next, the location point to exhaust the radon from the house will need to be located where it does not have the chance to re-enter. 

4. After the discharge point has been located; the team will begin the pipe fitting process. 

The base that goes directly into the ground will need to be sealed using a backer rod to fill the spatial gaps, then finished with an industrial-grade caulk to ensure there are no leaks. 

5. Next, the pipes are fitted with a chemical welding agent to secure them together. 

6. The last and final step is for the ventilation fan to be installed.

The fan is used to suck the radon from beneath the sub-slab of the basement and sent outside of the home.

Your radon specialist will install the fan on the outside of the home or, in some circumstances, inside the garage attic.   

Radon Gas Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer

Post-Mitigation Radon Testing 

Post-Mitigation Radon testing is crucial to ensure the system is working correctly.

If the test comes back and the radon levels are still above the EPA recommended action level of 4.0, that means the system is not doing its job. The team from Radon Eliminator will come back and do whatever needs doing to reduce the levels. 

This service comes at no additional cost to you. We are proud to guarantee our systems, which means if they are not performing properly, we do what we need to make it right. 

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If you need a Radon Mitigation System installed in your Avon, OH home, do not wait to contact our licensed company for help. 

We offer free over-the-phone estimates, which means you can call us at any time, and we will provide you with an accurate price quote. 

We understand that everyone has a busy life. We do not want to take any unnecessary time away from your daily routine. Just give us a call when convenient for you, and we will explain the entire installation process. 

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Radon Mitigation

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Radon Mitigation  

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install was quick and clean. The Radon pipe was installed perfectly so it would not hinder the look of the house.