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Protect your family from harmful Radon Gas. Have a Mitigation System installed in your Mogadore, Suffield, or Brimfield home.

Radon MitigationProcess for Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation or Radon Abatement is the process that makes your daily breathing zone safe again. It reduces the amount of radon gas stuck in your Mogadore home or building.

It is one of the safest cost-effective systems that have the best results for lowing the amount radon you breathe in. 

Radon Eliminators Process for Mitigating

Installation Performed the Right Way

Removing problem level radon gas isn't that hard it just takes a little elbow grease.

First, there is the seven-point area inspection followed by a professional test

. Then the lab results of the test and a detail report review. If the levels are high then you have the installation of the mitigation system. This will correct the problem in no time. 

The homeowner will be given options of where the piping will run for the radon gas to escape through. It will have to be in a quality suction area for best results. The real options come down to aesthetics. Depending on the best placement of the piping will determine if you want to have cosmetics covering for aesthetic purposes only. 

Once the location is determined, our Radon Eliminator team member will drill a 5" hole into your basement slab for the Mitigation system.

The hole will be dug out and then one of our Licensed Mitigation Specialist will decide on the size of the "communication pit." The specialist will make this decision based on a soil sample and substrate material analysis. It is vital for the mitigation system to work properly.

The communication pit control the amount of air that will be pulled from beneath your basement slab to push the radon out of the house. If the size is incorrect the system will not have enough suction to pull the gas out of your home. 

Now the crew member will find the correct point to exhaust the radon gas outside of your home so that it does not have the opportunity to go right back into you Mogadore home. 

Radon Mitigation in Mogadore Suffield and Brimfield Ohio

Once the discharge point has been selected it can be drilled out. Then the crew will begin the pipe fitting process. 

Sealing the base that goes directly into the ground is the first step to mitigation pipe fitting. This is done using backer rod to fill in the spatial gaps. Then they finish by using industrial grade caulking to ensure the gas will not leak out.

Now that the important parts are taken care of the mitigation team will connect PVC pips with chemical welding to secure them properly. They continue to do this through the entire pipe path.   

The job is then finished off with a ventilation fan installation. The ventilation provides suction to pull the radioactive gas from under your basement floor all the way through the piping and safely out of your home with no return. 

Proof that the Mitigation System works

From piping inspections to retesting we check our work and monitor the ventilation system for the first 49 hours to make sure it is all working properly.

Our team also checks the suction point by drilling small pilot holes in the floor.

We use smoke pencils that tell us the smoke is being drawn downward underneath the floor, which means the suctions is correct and it is pulling radon gas out of your Mogadore home. 

There really isn's much upkeep or maintenance once the radon mitigation system is installed. 

Now you and your family can take a deep breath of fresh air anywhere in your home. Your family will sleep easier knowing your air not filled with lung cancer-causing gas. Radon Abatement Mogadore, Ohio

Have our Radon Professionals make your air safe by installing a Mitigation System in your home today!

After the Radon Mitigation system is installed, it will run on its own without any real maintenance or upkeep!

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Catherine Holmes

I never thought that we were a radon impacted home. We lived here for 16 years prior to accidentally discovering this issue. I called Radon Eliminator after some research on-line. Cedric called me back same day and had official testing to our home hours later. Reports were issued same day as testing was completed both prior and post mitigation. Cedric and the installation team were prompt, professional, and always answered all of our questions. They all walked us through the process from start to finish and did a great job. Our levels fell from 32 to 1.8 in a matter of days. Only 5 days lapsed from discovering the problem, confirming our radon level with EPA certified test, installation and resolution of the issue. We are all resting much better with this new peace of mind.